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Breeze Software - strong team of skilled and experienced professionals in the field of website development, business automation, document management systems and other systems

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Why you should contact Breeze Software

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Doing what really need

Our team is not limited to the formal execution of the task. We are studing the problem and finding the best solution for each specific business objectives. Moreover, we are always ready to offer several solutions and give you the opportunity to participate in the selection of implementation strategy.

Elaborate graphic design

Cooperation with leading designers is unique and attractive solution for your project. Modern ergonomic design that fully meets all needs of the business - one of the main component of success.

We will help with cloud hosting

If necessary we will deploy the resulting product to cloud environment. This will ensure the stability of the site and its reliable accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from around the world.

Never order Software? We will hold you by the hand!

With many years of experience behind, we have learned to accurately find out the real needs of clients. If customer comes to us with clear software requirements specification (SRS), we exactly follow this document. However, if he/she has only dim idea of what he/she needs, we will help to clarify and formulate clear objectives for the development team.

Individual approach

Of course we have developed our formal plan of cooperation, but it is not carved on granite. If your IT problem requires innovative solutions, we will develop the most effective methods.

Reliable platform

Most of our products are based on Windows Server operating systems and .NET Framework. Most big corporations rely on these technologies and get modern, reliable and scalable solutions.

Maintenance and support

Full support of the product even after its implementation: fixing errors occurring, expansion of the system, optimization for the growing load. For a small extra charge, you will get guaranteed increase in efficiency of the system, and this will be the primary condition for the growth of your profit.


We undertake only those tasks which can be performed by us on 100%. In other case, if we can not solve your problem in the best way we will honestly tell you about this, and even advise some specialists who can help you. We guarantee that you will get either excellent result, or professional consultation and advice, depending on your situation.

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