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Digital document platform designed to streamline form management processes and enhance client interaction. This solution enables efficient creation, editing, and management of digital forms, incorporating features such as digital signatures, document uploads, and online payment integration.

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Client Challenges / Goals


User Perception: Creating a Competitive Document Generation Tool.


Security and Encryption: Developing robust encryption methods to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of user data.


Payment Integration: Integrating various payment gateways to simplify the payment process.


Data Center Security: Maintaining round-the-clock controlled access to protect user data.

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Technologies, we used in this project
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Main Results
Branded Custom Design:
FillDoc offers customizable design options, enhancing the organization's image with adjustments to logo, style, colors, and design.
Step-by-Step Process:
FillDoc simplifies the form-filling process by offering a guided, step-by-step experience.
Legally Binding Digital Signatures:
FillDoc ensures the legal validity of signatures with verification of location, device, and IP address.
Document Attachments:
Allows for secure uploading of documents during form filling.
Integration with various payment systems for convenient payment processing.
Data Integration:
Enables uploading form data into a CSV file for integration with other systems.
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Project Metrics
High User Ratings: FillDoc received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 100,000 reviews.
Reduced Errors: 50% reduction in document errors due to more accurate data processing and verification.
Expanded Functionality: Implementation of over 200 new features and integrations in 2023 year.
Over 200 Million Active Users: FillDoc's digital forms are actively used by over 200 million users.

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