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Our solutions in GIS industry
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Mapping and Data Visualization
Unlock the power of data through visual representation. Our mapping and data visualization services provide dynamic tools to translate complex data into clear, interactive maps and visualizations, enabling you to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.
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Geo-Tagging and Tracking
Keep a real-time pulse on assets and locations. With our geo-tagging and tracking solutions, you can efficiently monitor the movement and status of your assets, ensuring optimal utilization and security.
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Custom Geocoding
Tailor your location-based data for precise insights. Our custom geocoding services enable you to convert location descriptions into precise geographic coordinates, enhancing the accuracy of your spatial data analysis and decision-making.
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Case Studies
State Agrarian Registry (SAR), World Bank Project

Automated electronic system created by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy with the aim of effectively and transparently attracting and distributing all types of support for Ukrainian agrarians, whether it be state budget funds, concessional loans, international grants, or technical assistance

United Kingdom
Touch-Type Read and Spell

Online learning platform specifically designed to enhance typing skills and literacy simultaneously. Tailored for users with dyslexia, TTRS offers a structured touch-typing course that not only teaches keyboarding techniques but also boosts literacy development


The Carsaler mobile app is a marketplace for selecting and selling cars

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Our Technology Stack
+ Front-end + Back-end + GIS + Frameworks & Libraries + Databases
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What our сlients say about us?
Daria Manzhura
Project Coordinator of the World Bank
The development team at Breeze Software has undertaken a monumental endeavor in conceiving, developing, and launching the State Agrarian Registry (SAR) system during a period of significant national challenges. Thanks to the unwavering dedication and relentless efforts of the development team, the system has not only been successfully implemented but has also facilitated the disbursement of financial and technical aid to over 40,000 farmers from partner nations and international organizations, amounting to more than 2 billion UAH. It’s imperative to emphasize the remarkable level of professionalism and commitment demonstrated by the Breeze Software team. Their contributions have been instrumental in bringing the State Agrarian Registry into existence and driving its functionality.
Junghun Cho
World Bank Country Manager for Uzbekistan
The e-Government Master Plan initiative, which included the registry and cadastre as a key component, was one of the government's priority tasks to improve the investment climate in Uzbekistan. We accomplished the transition from a paper-based system to a computerized integrated land registry and cadastre, which allowed us to enhance the transparency of real property ownership and transactions, provide the public with online access to geospatial data, and improve customer services. All of this was made possible thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the Breeze Software team, whose professionalism and innovative approach enabled us to implement this project effectively. We highly value their contribution and recommend Breeze Software as a reliable technological partner.
Henry Alexander
Director of TTRS
Breeze Software has been our dependable partner for nearly a decade. They are true professionals who not only produce high-quality code but also provide innovative solutions to advance my business. The project team exhibits remarkable flexibility, maintains prompt communication and consistently adheres to agreed-upon deadlines for product delivery. Over this extended partnership, we have collaboratively crafted a large-scale competitive online learning product, which has become one of the market leaders. Presently, we are excited to embark on an upgraded version 2.0, employing new technologies and approaches. I wholeheartedly recommend Breeze Software as a reliable and trusted IT partner for software development.
Andrew Smal
Founder & CEO
Breeze Software has been an invaluable partner in our CRM system development journey for over three years. Their unwavering commitment to providing excellent service is a testament to their professionalism. The Project Manager's seamless communication with the development team has been a key strength, ensuring a fluid exchange of ideas and progress updates.

Our collaboration has consistently delivered on-time projects with top-tier code quality. What truly sets Breeze Software apart is their innovative thinking, alignment with the American time zone, and their consistent proposal of unique, cost-effective solutions.

We are sincerely delighted to have such dependable partners alongside us.
Ali Diba
Founder and President of Spatial Wave Inc.
I am writing to express our longstanding satisfaction with the exceptional services provided by Breeze-Soft over the past decade. Throughout our partnership, the Breeze-Soft team has been instrumental in the development of numerous solutions pertaining to Spatial Data management. We have consistently found the Breeze team to be knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive. Their adherence to modern DevOps practices aligns seamlessly with our internal development processes, fostering a consistent and productive collaboration. In summary, our decade-long association with Breeze-Soft has been marked by professionalism and excellence, making them an invaluable partner in our endeavors.
Denys Bashlyk
Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy
The State Agricultural Register, colloquially referred to as "Diia" for agrarians, began operations in August 2022 and has become an indispensable platform for supporting Ukrainian agrarians, facilitating access to assistance from the state, international organizations, and banks. The register operates similarly to agricultural producer registries existing in all EU member countries, offering registered users the ability to freely and transparently apply for state subsidies, targeted subsidized loan programs, loans, and technical assistance from the European Union and other international donors, subject to their mandatory requirements. Beyond convenience, transparency, speed, and accountability in the administration of agricultural producer support, the register also provides a powerful analytical tool for analyzing the actual state of agricultural production and the status of its producers.
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Why our clients trust us

mastered industries


years of development experience


successfully delivered projects


million in generated customer revenue through our solutions


completion of all projects


ability to work in all 24 time zones

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How we work?
+ Research phase + Development phase + Continuous development and technical support

Before starting to implement the project, we study the product requirements in detail, conduct market research, determine the expected result (what priority features should be in the MVP) and start work.


Study of Requirements and Additional Research.


Development and Design of the Project Implementation Strategy.


Additional staffing of the team (if necessary).


Creation of a Calendar and Estimations Plan.

We work with iterative approaches where we test every part of the functionality we develop, so you can see the progress of the work at each stage.


Creation of Project Architecture.




Writing Project Documentation (Technical Task).




Front-end Development.


Mobile Development.


Back-end Development.





Most of our customers are constantly developing their product, so we don't have one-time projects. We help our customers with continuous development, make sure everything works stably and offer ideas for improvements.


Technical Support.


Ongoing Development.

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Models of Cooperation
Time & Material

For constantly developing and dynamically changing projects. Payment is made based on the actual hours spent.

[ Size of the Project ]

Medium, Large, Enterprise

[ Timeframe & Budget Flexibility ]


[ Client’s control over the process ]


[ Development Methodology ]


[ Ability to change requirements ]


[ Main Features of each model ]

  • Working in sprints (Agile approach) and the ability to make changes at any stage; 
  • Visibility of the result at each stage; 
  • Flexible payment system (upon completion of work, weekly, monthly, quarterly).

Fixed Price

For projects that have an approved concept with a clear end result. Payment is made in accordance with the agreed calendar schedule and in accordance with completed sprints or by agreement.

[ Size of the Project ]

Small, Medium

[ Timeframe & Budget Flexibility ]


[ Client’s control over the process ]


[ Development Methodology ]


[ Ability to change requirements ]


[ Main Features of each model ]

  • Fixed budget;
  • Fixed scope of works;
  • Fixed terms;
  • Impossibility of making changes or additions after signing the contract.


For companies that have their own product and IT Department, and they need to supplement it with individual specialists.

[ Size of the Project ]


[ Timeframe & Budget Flexibility ]


[ Client’s control over the process ]


[ Development Methodology ]

Agile / Waterfall / Kanban

[ Ability to change requirements ]

Depends on the project

[ Main Features of each model ]

  • Experienced specialists who don’t need training;
  • Exemption from paying taxes, sick leave and holidays for the employee;
  • Support from our CTO, who mentors and advises the hired specialist.

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In what projects are GIS technologies used?

In urban planning, agro-industry, logistics, environmental studies, and data analysis.

What solutions in the agro-industry can you offer?

Crop monitoring, yield analysis, field mapping.

Which specialists will be involved in the development?

GIS analysts, developers, project managers.

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