About us

The backbone of our team, engaged in software development, was formed in December 2005 under the name of ACVITAS. Initially, it was a group of entrepreneurs working together on several major projects for foreign companies. In the spring of 2011, as the result of reorganization, we changed the name to BREEZE Software.

For the long period of time we have been working in constant partnership with a number of partners from the US and Europe, performing for them work in "outsourcing" mode. Partners not only provided us with constant challenges, but also recommended us to their friends and acquaintances. Gradually, we have got a fairly wide range of partners, with most of which, however, we have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

In fact we have no "disposable" customers and even "random" orders are gradually outgrowing into long-term partnerships. We help our partners with expertises, give advice of support existing systems and processes, carefully meet our commitments. Develop software with us — comfortably!

In the summer of 2013, we discovered another activity — electronic equipment design and programming of microcontrollers. During the development of electronic devices, we have tried to apply the same approach as in the development of software, and it gave amazing results: few competitors are ready to respond to changing requirements and to fix the completed device.