Turnkey websites development

We take care of the creation of websites of any complexity. Business card website, one-page site, online store or large portal with sophisticated architecture - we will cope with any task, and take into account all your wishes.

Do you want an exclusive design created according to the laws of ergonomics and corresponding to modern trends? One of the best modern web designers is at your service :) Do you prefer a budget option? We will select the most appropriate template and, if necessary, make all the changes, so that the template will exactly match your needs.

Modern design, well-thought-out functionality, competent technical support - this is the minimum set of services that you will get by working with us.

Development of geographic information systems (GIS)

Even after the computers have appeared in every office, the world "Database" has ceaseed to frighten the townsfolk, operations that previously took weeks, began to performed in a few seconds, using geospatial information was a long time the prerogative of the military. But after the appearance of public geographic information resources, such as Google Maps, thousands of people understand how to use these tools in their business.

We will set up geographic information systems according to your requirements, so that they fully meet your needs.

It is possible to create GIS based on open sources, such as Google Maps, Bing and Yandex Maps. If the problem to be solved requires extended data, we can propose the creation of geo-information systems based on closed systems such as ESRI ArcGIS.

Electronic Document Management Systems

Use of electronic documents systems instead of traditional papers will save a lot of time and money. Nowadays nobody is trying to challenge the effectiveness and necessity of such systems in enterprises of different sizes. Automatic filing, simultaneous access to information for multiple users, possibility of rapid changes, saving of work space - these are just a few of the obvious benefits.

What kind of services do we offer?

  • organization of scanning and following processing of documents;
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) documents with the ability to find the necessary attribute information;
  • settings of documents cards with ability to search by any specified attribute;
  • address storage of the originals;
  • access control to documents.

Business Automation Systems

Automation of business processes will allow the company to increase efficiency and increase profits. It is also possible to control the entire array of information: bills, contracts, contacts, letters - all information for your business will be stored on a secure server, and only you decide who and to what extent has access to it. As experience shows, a large part of the working time in companies without automated business processes is spent figuring out the current situation and re-planning: clarification of assignments, trying to figure out what work has been completed, whether the payments are passed, etc.

Automated business processes guarantee that the employees at work time fulfill their responsibilities, documentation errors are eliminated, and all information is stored in one place and is under your control.

We offer following services:

  • database development;
  • business process automation;
  • tasks management and monitoring the workload of staff;
  • encryption, electronic signatures;
  • integration with electronic document management systems;
  • distributed systems;
  • generating reports in standard formats.

Designing electronic devices and programming of microcontrollers

BREEZE Software Company offers services of creating electronic devices of any complexity: sensors, control panels, controllers for machine tools or other mechanisms, etc.

We work out all the stages - from drafting the project to manufacturing of test samples. Development and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, programming of microcontrollers, the development of controlling software for the Windows OS - it is not a complete list of services we can suggest.

If necessary, we can make mechanical parts of complex devices manufactured in single copies or in small batches.