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Refer potential clients
Refer potential clients to us for Custom Software Development and earn 10% of each payment. The reward for one project can be from $800 to $80,000 and more ;)
* As long as the client pays for the project
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Who will benefit from
in the Breeze
Soft Affiliate Program?
Software Development Representatives:


  1. Software Development Companies;
  2. Freelance Developers;
  3. Business Consulters.
Companies providing B2B services:
  1. Web Design Studios;
  2. Marketing Agencies;
  3. Localizers;
  4. CRM / ERP Integrators;
  5. QA Outsourcing Teams.
  6. Consulting Companies.
Education and Media:


  1. Authors of reviews and ratings;
  2. Journalists, Opinion Leaders and Bloggers;
  3. IT Communities;
  4. Business Clubs;
  5. Educational Platforms;
  6. Business Conferences.”
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Our Custom
Development Services
Strategy and Consulting
  • Market analysis and business strategy development;
  • Technology and architecture consultations;
  • System design and requirement analysis.
Prototyping and Design


  • Software requirements development;
  • Prototyping and interface design;
  • UI/UX design;
  • Documentation creation.
Software Development


  • Project and Team management;
  • Software architecture development;
  • Web and Mobile app creation;
  • Quality testing and validation;
  • Cloud and DevOps implementation (CI/CD).
Support and Maintenance


  • Post-launch product support;
  • Improve performance and reliability;
  • Web and Mobile app creation;
  • Third-party code system maintenance
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Our Technology Stack
+ Front-end + Back-end + GIS + Frameworks & Libraries + Databases
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Benefits of the Breeze
Soft Affiliate Program
Payment in the amount of 10% monthly for each of your projects.
Recommendations of your services to our clients.
Partnership conditions on our specialists for your projects.
Exchange of experience between our experts (workshops, consultations)
Third-party code system maintenance
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How to become
Breeze Soft Partner
First contact
You leave an application for partnership on our website;
We get to know each other and find out how we can be useful;
Lead Exchange
We receive a lead from you, which our team contacts, we evaluate the project and start development.
Receiving Bonuses
You gain 10% from each payment for Breeze Soft services. The higher the payment amount, the higher your reward.
Development of our Partnership
We continue to exchange leads, share cross-reviews and consider other cases of cooperation.
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Money Disclaimer
Average monthly income of partners


* For calculation, we took an average project.

The total cost of the project will depend on the number of hours and the type of service.

The main principle of the Breeze Soft Partnership — is sustainability. We never hunt clients or employees of our partners.
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